How And When To Find New HOA Management

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There are times when homeowners associations need to find new HOA management. After all, not all management companies are good. Some perform poorly or simply don’t meet an HOA’s needs. When is it time to change, and how should you go about it? Let’s find out.  When Should You Change HOA Management Companies? Communities that […]

Hiring An HOA Management Company: The Why And How

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Homeowners associations consider hiring an HOA management company all the time. This is because hiring a professional organization helps in several different ways. Let’s discuss all its benefits and how your community can hire an HOA management company. Reasons for Hiring an HOA Management Company Why hire a HOA management company? Professional management companies take […]

What Is An HOA Manager And What Do They Do?

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A reliable HOA manager is vital to communities. They must be responsible and familiar with all aspects of community management. They can be detrimental to community health without proper knowledge, skill, or experience. Conversely, good managers can also bring about success. What Is an HOA Manager? An HOA manager is the person who handles everything […]

HOA Board Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

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Incoming and existing board members should understand their roles and responsibilities in an association. HOA board duties encompass several tasks, with some varying depending on the position you hold. What Are HOA Board Duties? An HOA board governs every homeowners association. This board consists of homeowner volunteers from the association elected into office by the […]

A Crash Course In Understanding HOA Documents

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All homeowners should familiarize themselves with the different HOA documents. Understanding these documents is a crucial step toward a harmonious and problem-free experience in an association. What Are HOA Documents? Homeowners associations are governed by a set of documents. Collectively, these documents are referred to as the governing documents. However, each document plays a critical […]

HOA Special Assessment: What Is It And Is It Required?

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An HOA special assessment can be a useful financial tool for a homeowners association. However, it is something that associations should charge with seriousness and frequently. What Is an HOA Special Assessment? A special assessment is an extra fee that a homeowners association may charge in addition to the regular dues that members already pay. […]

What Is An HOA Fee? What Do HOAs Use Them For?

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What is an HOA fee? It can be hard to grasp the concept of HOA fees if you’re unfamiliar with homeowners associations. Even those who live in planned communities might not always know what they’re for. Let’s break down what these fees are and what they’re for. What Is an HOA Fee? Homeowners associations will […]

HOA Management: What Is It For?

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HOA management can be a confusing concept, especially for the uninitiated. After all, many responsibilities and tasks fall under it. What is HOA management, and what should homeowners’ associations and their members know about it? Let’s find out. What Is HOA Management? Homeowners associations (HOAs) have a wide range of responsibilities. They primarily exist to […]

What You Need To Know Before Moving Into An HOA Community

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Moving into an HOA community is a big step you should not take without proper research. Homeowners associations offer plenty of benefits, but they are not for everyone. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with how HOAs work before deciding. Everything You Need to Know Before Moving Into an HOA Community Homeowners associations […]

What Is HOA? How Do They Work?

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What is HOA? Given the prevalence of these planned communities, buyers will undoubtedly encounter an HOA at least once during the search process. Only a few people know what an HOA is and what living in one entails. What Is HOA? What Does HOA Stand For? HOA is short for homeowners association, but what does […]